Sunday, 11 April 2010

New dogs from University clinic!

Before the weekend we were asked to take a poodle mix female we have named Tokyo (bottom picture). She is from a shelter and has been taken to the clinic for Obstetrics surgery practice. She was supposed to be returned to the shelter but instead the vets at the clinic were wondering if we could take her. We said yes and when we arrived to collect her we were shown 7 other females in the same situation. At the moment we have almost 70 dogs in fostering so I said I`d take a look at them and maybe take 2 or 3 but big fat softie that I am I couldn`t bare sending them back to the shelter so I said we would take them all. SOOO we are looking for fostering for all these darling girls.

There`s a Small, happy outgoing poodle mix (Tokyo) and a lovely german pointer mix, a black lab mix, a lean gun-dog mix, a bassett mix, a sheperd mix, a small fox terrier mix, and a small brown mix. They are all really lovely girls, poor things.

Currently they are being kept in cages in one of the older uni buildings and will be ready for fostering in about 2 weeks.

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