Friday, 7 May 2010

Florence has accepted Baby-Maud!

I am so happy to announce that Florence, the female terrier mix who was rescued not long ago with three puppies of which one died, has accepted our little Maud.
Maud was found in a card-board box at Keleti railwaystation some days ago by a Hungarian vet. student who asked us to please take on the little girl. Maud is only 4-5 weeks old and much too young to have been separated from her mother. Our plan after her deworming and vaccination was to introduce her to Florence and her puppies Lou Lou and Jumble. Although these puppies are a few weeks older than Maud and I thought Flo`s milk might have dried out it would still be good for Maud to get the physical contact and crucial social-skill development from the rescued family.

We brought Maud to Amanda`s house yesterday where Florence and the pups have been living in the garden with Amanda`s own two dogs, Winston and her adopted Budadog Moby. At first Florence was not too happy about the little newcomer so Amanda kept them separated and let Maud interact with the puppies and Winston who seems to take surrogacy in his stride. Maud however was craving the maternal attention Flo potentially could offer so with some subtle manipulation Amanda thought she might be able to persuade the young mother. She placed daughter Lou Lou and newcomer Maud wrapped in Florence`s own blanket under her own jumper to mix up all the different smells into one "Happy family scent". Great job on Amanda`s part and it seems Florence still has some milk left over for baby-Maud. The pictures speak a thousand words and we are of course delighted! :))

Thanks to Amanda for the amazing job she is doing with these dogs!

"I`ve still got some milk left for you, babe"

Florence and her new surrogate baby, 4 week old Maud

Florence and all three babies, Jumble, Lou Lou and Maud

Uncle Winston simply loves his role as Nanny

"Myyy you`ve got a big nose, Uncle Winston!!!"

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