Monday, 3 May 2010

Two lovely but sad boys need fostering

Louis (bottom) and Dio (top) are our newest arrivals and currently at kennels. Both dogs were abandoned and Louis had a collar which had grown into the flesh of his neck.

Louis story as described by his rescuer:
The dog has stayed at a factory site just outside of my town for a week. The women who is the secretary of the manager of the company called me and asked for my help. I went to see him yesterday but he was too scared to catch him without any forcement so I decided to go back every day specially when the company is closed so there are no people around to feed him. I went back this evening again to spend some time with him and trying to make friends. It went quite well, I could even stoke him so I decided to set off and leave but Louis started following my car. I stopped 3 times and tried to catch him but he was too scared to let himself cought. I thought I would set off very fas so he would not be able to follow but I was wrong. He started running after my car like hell and I had to stop at a point because there were cars coming on the road and it was very dark so Louis must have been hit by a car if I don't stop. So all together it took me 2 hours to catch him but I did it finally. It was almost 10.00 p.m. Right now he is staying in a traveling crate in the kitchen of my sister but I have no idea where I will put him. We are full of dogs

Dio is a foxterrier mix. He was found abandoned and taken to a kennel but escaped twice and was not safe. Now he is in our kennels and waiting for a fosterhome.

Both boys are really sweet.

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