Monday, 14 February 2011

A Budadog- day-trip to the kennels that actually went smoothly:)

Finally we're home after a day of minor wrong turns only. In addition to this we also succeeded in NOT forgetting the drugs for the dogs out at the kennels, NOR did we take the wrong dog out from kennels and into foster care. More surprisingly, we even managed NOT to cause any damage to the car :)

A couple of times every week some of the girls will take a road trip to the kennels to either collect or deliver dogs, or to give drugs (such as dewormers, spot-ons etc).
The road trips are in fact real roadtrips! The kennels are situated only one hour's drive outside of Budapest, but for certain reasons (...) a Budadog-daytrip is in fact a DAY TRIP!

Ida enjoying a fresh nice apple, made only for her, while blessing this day - praying for no unplanned events to occur... :D

Runa after arriving to the first kennel. She probably cannot wait to bring out the doctor's box!!!

Ida after arriving to Jenő bácsi's (Uncle Jenö's) kennel. The kennel lies in Monor, which is a village 45km south-east of Budapest. This kennel is what we call the "Dog Hotel", as Jenó spoils the poochies to pieces.
Ida's extreme joy here is due to the approaching puppy.

Jenö and the puppy that made Ida's day :)

Ida and the puppy that made Ida's day :)

From left: Amanda, James and Dougal "Kiraly" (King)

From left: Dougal "Kiraly", James and Amanda

When we opened the dog yard to let Benny out for vaccination the poochies broke loose, and had a little spin around in Jenö's own yard. As usual, when this happens, good hearted Jenö gets some nice, tasty, canned soft-food to lure the doggies back into the dog yard.

Vaccination of Benny - Ida is being "taught" how to do it. Here she is comforting Benny, who is not really happy with the situation of having to be poked and bothered when he was planning on having his five minutes of running around in bácsi's yard.

After poking and annoying Benny, bácsi gladly let him run free a bit before putting him back into the dog yard.
"Here comes Benny!!!!" Completely and utterly filled with happiness!

Jénö's anya (mother) at the front porch throwing some treats down to Benny

Apparently, Benny was not the only one who got treats from Jénös anya today :D

Me and Ida got freshly baked Hungarian buns. Mmmmmm :)

A "few" hours later we're driving home from Feco's kennels in Dunakeszi, a village 20km north of Budapest.
At Feco's we did blood samples and collected dogs that went into fostering today :)
Rex - the gorgeous little puppy man who was found together with his mum (Reena, also a budadog). They were tied up to a short, short chain, starving, with a bowl of frozen water;
Xena - the beautiful woman with the prettiest face;
Twiggy, the wise :)

"May this day continue as smoothly as it started"

Rex, the gorgeous little puppy man, wants to sit on Ida's lap.

ALVIN!!!! Alvin gets his foster-mum back, and Faye gets her foster-baby-boy back :D
It is always fun to see reunions of happy foster-parents and happy foster-poochies when their foster-parents return from vacations :) :) :)
Twiggy and her brand new foster-mum, Christina.
When we were at the kennels in Dunakeszi today, and Feco went to get Twiggy he turned around to us, looked seriously at us and said "Twiggy, nagyón jó kutya" which means "Twiggy is a very good dog". When coming from Feco, and the way he said it, we believe that it is absolutely true : ) : )

By Ida Aksnes and Runa Vintervold


  1. Fantastisk herlig innlegg!!!! Klem Anne

  2. Heart warming trip! So nice to hear of all of these dogs you are taking good care of! Thank you all! /Twiggy looks a completely different dog now, hardly recognizable!/;) x Zsanett