Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Castrations on a Conveyer Belt

A few days ago the Budagirls, Thea and Runa, set out to do some castrations. With the supervision of Viktor, Budadogs' own veterinarian, three of our Budadogs were castrated. Now that all three dogs are fine, and no post operative complications occurred, we feel it is safe to blog about this event. In this way our followers can see some of the work the Budagirls do:)



As a policy, our organisation castrates budadog males in need of castration. We are careful not to castrate new Budadogs "too fast". This especially counts for dogs with behaviour problems such as anxiety aggression, or just timid and more careful males, as there may be a chance of increasing the problem. This theory is yet to be explored completely, and is currently a hot topic in the field of domesticated canine behaviour.

First man out: Paulie.
Thea sets the i.v. catheter, while Viktor, Budadogs' own veterinarian, holds Paulie, reassuring him that "he will be fine"

Thea is surgically preparing Paulie. On preparation Thea found only one testicle. This is a relatively normal condition in dogs, and is called cryptorchidism. In crypotorchid dogs the "missing" testicle remains in the abdomen from foetal life. The remaining testicle can cause development of cancer and should always be removed. Cryptorchidism is inherited, and all cryptorchid dogs should be castrated to prevent inheritance of the condition.

Runa castrating Paulie

Sambo, second man up

Castration of Sambo

Stanley, last man "standing"

Thea getting ready for her first castration

Thea's first testicle preparation. It is more difficult than it looks!!!

Thea's first spermatic cord transection :)

Sambo waking up to a new life. A new dawn, a new day.

By Thea and Runa


  1. You guys are awesome !

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  3. Mmmmm, you girls look like you really enjoy your work ... kind of makes a guy wonder ... Greg ... gregFall@mail.com