Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Bad Karma

Today when Caroline was in pathology (3rd year practical) someone stole our Budadogs wallet from where we hang our stuff in the Patho building. The wallet was lying in her handbag on the bench. It is a brown, leather purse with a gold zipper.
Caroline had just been to the clinic to pay for Andrè`s operation thank God, but there was still about 35.000 ft in it. I can`t believe someone could be so malicious as to take it. The money was to pay for food for out fosterdogs which we ordered and has arrived today....

It isn`t easy business getting into the pathology buliding and finding your way to the changing area so really it can`t have been anything but a student who has taken it....
If someone sees it lying around or sees anyone using it please let us know! (we`ll add a photo)

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