Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sunday - Not even time to go to bed?

Today has revolved around getting dogs into their fosterhomes. It might sound easy... but it`s actually extraordinarily time consuming and its pretty hard work to coordinate 6 dogs in one car, even if it is the invincible "Budacar" with the wonky hole in its head.
Caroline and I went to the kennels and collected Rosie, Scout, Sebastian, Fredrik, Mamaluga and "Andrè the beautiful". Then the dogs had to be driven to their respective fosterparents with leashes, feed, spot-on, dewormers, antibiotics, shampoos etc. etc. etc.

but first they went to the vet for bloodsamples. Ironically enough the most peaceful part of our day.

The dogs:

"Double trouble" Fredrik and Sebastian are delightful! They both have new parents waiting for them in Norway and hopefully will both be able to travel in October.

Rosie from saturdays rescued pack is the calmest, sweetest most precious girl I ever met.

is tender and soulful with the eyes of a bear-cub. A year on a 1 meter chain has left him with virtually no muscles and he is so malnourished its painful to see, but he still offers kisses and snuggles.

And Andrè.... Andrè is so beautiful I want to cry. His leg hurts him, but he still prances like an arabian stallion. On tuesday he will be operated an I cant wait. I am so proud of all our dogs!! :))

We are tired. Sunday isn`t the day of rest you always hope it will be. But then again,

Why have a day of rest when you can have a day of saving lives?

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  1. Good job! Keep up the good work!