Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sunday - the day of rest (Kasper and Lilly)

Today was supposed to be a quiet day. We were doing a run to Illatos, some emailing and administration and that was about it. A day "off" so to speak :) (completely forgetting that "days-off" actually don`t exist anymore ;)
Caroline drove a student to Illatos at around noon. She parked the car near a woodland area only to see 4-5 dogs helplessly and restlessly moving around the parking-lot, obviously in distress and in dire condition. She payed particular notice to a Husky with it`s tail chopped and bleeding from its anus. Approaching it was impossible as it was so scared, she couldn`t even come within 10 meters. A large male was also lurking around. Caroline got some food out of our *well-stocked ;)* Budadogs-van and managed to entice him in. He crawled ever so slowly towards her, literally dragging his body against the ground he was so shy - yet so hungry. Finally he arrived at her feet and she managed to slip a collar on him. He was covered in ticks around his eyes and body and even through his thick coat it`s obvious he is mere skin and bones. Caroline called him Kasper.

It seems clear to us now that these dogs are left near Illatos grounds by shameful owners who probably don`t want to hand the dog over face to face but rather dump them outside the pound by the heavily trafficated road.

From Illatos we got a timid little german sheperd female who had been there too long and was close to euthanasia. She was covered in diarrhoea and is defecating blood and liquid (more common than not when they first arrive from Illatos). She, too, is painfully thin. She has been named Lilly.
We took both dogs directly to the vet. and they are now in fosterhomes, thankfully.

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