Sunday, 6 September 2009

Emma and Foxy

We decided that the best way to keep anyone interested in our updates - updated - was to blog them :)

After arriving in Budapest with a week to get sorted it has been hectic to say the least. Moving and getting organised with uni stuff always comes second to our darling Budadogs; the project that we have come to love dearly despite it`s ability to engulf all our time. The absolute mountain of abandoned, abused and neglected animals we are confronted with seems so great at times, one might feel tempted to stick ones head in the sand and give up. But we focus on each individual beating heart we can save and that`s what keeps us going however pathetic it might seem in the grander scheme of things.

Yesterday we took on two new dogs, 3 y.o Emma and 4 y.o Foxy. Both have been chained in backyards outside the city in horrific conditions with no shelter or even water let alone any food to speak of. Emma is so malnourished she has given up and her passive stress is evident. She has been rescued by our dear friend Zsanett and will be taken to our Kennel outside Bp after her owner has said himself willing to give her up. She is a sweet, calm benevolent girl who we are looking forward to getting to know and she, like so many of our dogs, needs a fosterhome.

Foxy was discovered by Zsanett on a chain with two puppies from a litter of which the rest had died. Her owner said himself willing to give up the puppies in July but the mother (Foxy) could not be taken due to the lack of a fosterhome for her. So Foxy had to stay in the scorching heat but Zsanett asked if she could treat the dog for internal parasites, ticks and fleas and feed her regularly at the yard so Foxy has been treated "on-sight" until now and we have decided to take her on so she is finally being removed from the scrap-heap. Thanks to Zsanett`s treatment of Foxy she has already gained weight and is looking much better. Foxy has had countless litters who have all died and is worn out, but already she is "coming back to life" :)

- Anouska

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