Saturday, 12 September 2009

R.I.P Ludde...

Our trip to Illatos was bittersweet. Because we try to help the sick and truly unwanted dogs it involves an inevitable amount of heartache.

Ludde was sick and had been at Illatos for 3 months. He had a bloodtest when we took him out but was emaciated and walked with a strain. Today he could not walk at all and Grace and Caroline took him to Viktor (our vet)this morning. It turned out that the poor little boy had intestinal tortion, had most likely not eaten at Illatos for several weeks and his intestines were herniating. Additionally his teeth had all fallen out, he was deaf and in great pain. There was really nothing we could do for this 12 year old boy and he was put to sleep this afternoon. I can`t believe he has been kept in this condition for so long in a kennel.

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