Sunday, 13 September 2009

The return ofJack!! aka "Brage"

Sometimes an adoption doesn`t work out the way we hoped. Although we go to great lengths to try to make the optimal match between dog/owner we can`t expect the ending to always be rosy. Thankfully (and touch-wood) we have had very few incidents of this sort and Jack is only the 3rd dog returned to us.

Jack (now "Brage" because he doesn`t seem to enjoy his name Jack very much) was adopted early May. We have always known that he doesn`t like other dogs much. Being a pure-bred Pumi he has the somewhat anti-social gene and additionally he has probably missed out on the critical socialization periods in his life. Accordingly Brage does not like other dogs and makes it known. His new owner was prepared to work with this, but after attending courses etc over the summer she became increasingly frustrated and decided to give him back to us. Brage is now living with my husband Kris in Oslo, sleeping in his bed, attending business meetings and hanging out at the office. Brage is a kick-ass cool dog with a mind of his own. He has lived with Kris for a few weeks now and after we get to know him abit more on a personaly level we will work hard at finding him a home that will apreciate this absolute bundle of joy - "warts and all". he will need a home where new dogs will not be a stressor in his life. That said he can get on well with females in the household but this Pumi is a one-man-band!

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