Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sunday... still not day of rest

Saturday :
Caroline and Mandeep went to Heves to rescue 7 dogs that had been abandoned at an old army camp. The dogs were in relatively good condition, but extremely shy. One dog would not approach inspite of the treats on offer. Budadogs took 5 dogs.
Rosie, Daisy, Kaia, Russel and Scout. All dogs seem to be sheperd mixes, Kaia is only 5-6 months old and most likely Daisy`s daughter. They were brought directly to the vet for bloodtesting and vaccinations and they`re all heavily infected with worms which they are being treated for. Scout, Rosie and Kaia have fosterhomes but we still need someone to volunteer for Russel and Daisy.
All 5 dogs are shy and obviously not too accustomed to walk on leash, but they are sweet and placid and need some rehab and TLC.

The bloodtest results came back today and 4 dogs are healthy but Daisy is Babesia positive; our first babesia infected dog. (Tick-borne disease). This is a reminder to everyone with dogs in Hungary how important it is to prevent ticks with anti-flea collars or spot-on and to update them regularly. Daisy will get a shot of Imizol today and further intensive medical treatment. The vet told us that had she not been rescued yesterday she would most likely be dead within a week.

Andrè our beautiful greyhound was also brought back from Heves and to kennels overnight. He will go into fostering today which we are very happy about! :)

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