Sunday, 27 September 2009

Thank God for Wonderful fosterhomes

(From the top: Pia, Daisy, Russell and Tilly).

Saturday: Caroline and I went to Dunakeszi to collect our dogs from kennels going into fostering; Kaia, Daisy, Russell, Tilly and Pia. Daisy is much better after her babesia treatment and Kaia is coming out of her shell a whole lot, she was already like a different puppy after a week in kennels. Tilly is just a sweetheart showering kisses and Pia cries for cuddles and snuggles :) Poor Russell however is the most fearful boy I have ever met... He is not the kind of dog who could go to just any fosterhome so I was truly relieved when our hard-core fosterparent Louise offered to take him. I love the fact that even when the dog is lying on the ground urinating all over himself paralyzed with fear and she has to carry all 20 kg puppy into her apartment because he is too scared to walk, she still isn`t fazed!!! That IS hard core! :)
Today Russell is already coming out of his shell aparantly (with a little help of his new friend Konrad aka Archie) wagging his tail and asking for cuddles. Although they have not yet ventured out of doors I think it is only a matter of time before he gets the hang of things poor baby.

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