Monday, 28 September 2009

Puppy lost/Puppy found

Today Caroline and I found a puppy at the side of the road at Ullò. About 2 km from the large animal clinic a small dog was zig-zagging in the middle of the road and almost got run over several times. We stopped to try to coax it in but unfortunately the dog was too shy. I whisteled a couple of times and was about to get into the car again when a puppy (now Jasper) bounded out into the middle of the road. I sat down and he bounced right into my arms. Cars had stopped behind us and we weren`t about to leave him there on the side of the road where he certainly would have ended up as roadkill. There were only fields from which he came. So, we took him with us in the car.

Later we saw the small dog again, still looking restless and uneasy but he/she could not be coaxed. Obviously there are alot of loose dogs around in the country, but dogs that are familiar with their surroundings do not run frightened up and down the main road.

We took Jasper home and to the vet. He is aprox 4 months. We rang the university clinic but they say its impossible to know from where these dogs come. The vet said he caught a lucky break; I agree.

We picked 25 ticks off him and he is quite a thin, big-boned and lanky puppy who looks abit like a foxhound. He is currently sleeping on my bed and will need a fosterhome if anyone is interested :)

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