Friday, 11 September 2009

Illatos day, new name, new life!

Viktor is a 2 year old male who has been at Illatos for 2 months. He is not a big fan of other males and has not had anyone interested in adopting him from Illatos. He looks to have been a relatively well-kept boy.

Truls is one of 10 viszla mixès brought into Illatos this week. They were confiscated from an apartament in Budapest and were kept in horrific conditions. Truls was going to be euthanised this weekend. Hopefully he will respond to rehabilitation but we will see. The dogs have not been socialised.
Tommy is a little dachshund mix, aprox 5 years old. He is a sweet and uncomplicated boy and we expect him to respond well to fostering. He is being fostered with Lisa.
Ludde is a 10 year old spaniel mix male who has been at Illatos for 3 months. He is sick and will need extensive treatment. We hope he can recover; time will tell...
Lisa is a sweet but shy 1 year old girl. She is playful and forthcoming and we expect her to come out of her shell quickly in fostering
Baba is a large 7-8 year old male, very thin. He has been at Illatos for 3 months and was going to be euthanised this weekend.

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  1. First of all: respect for rescuing these poor dogs, some of them in a fairly hopeless situation. What's going to happen to them next? I hope there will be information about the changes in their lives. Are you trying to find new homes for them in Hungary or abroad? Or both?
    Best regards,