Monday, 7 September 2009

Manic monday

Today called for another trip with our "4 musketeers"; Lars, Bill, Patrick and Hugo. The quadran of fun were collected from kennels for their bloodtesting which is ever eventful including vomit, poo and sibling-squabbeling. Lars and Bill have grown so much since they arrived at the clinic and finally they are going to their new homes. Lars has been adopted to Bodø, Bill and Hugo have been adopted together and my own personal little favourite Patrick is going to a lovely family. The 4 boys have been so patient and hanging out at the kennels all summer, we can`t wait to get them into their permanent homes! Now we just have to wait for the lab results and the boys will pack their suitcases.

Before that though, we are flying our somewhat more organised trio Markus, Annie and Claire. Fiesty Claire has got a mum waiting for her who likes dogs with their own opinions, which we obviously think is ideal considering Claire`s a little fire-cracker. Markus is going to his new mum and dad which is so exciting. He is the dog that has hated the kennels the most, being such a tender little soul. It will be great for him to finally have the security he craves.
(Markus is our little dachshund mix that was placed on top of the roof of a car outside of uni and found by a student).
Today Markus went to stay with a temporary fostermum until he travels so he needn`t endure the stresses of kenneling anymore :)

Also flying this week is Princess Fàni, (pictured under our header) the girl who stole her fosterdads heart :)

Except for that our day has been relatively peaceful which is a welcome change from last week. The calm before the storm one might say, seeing as we are taking 6 dogs from Illatos on friday, all of whom are in danger of being euthanised because they have been there for so long.... Fosterdog anyone?? ;)

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