Sunday, 13 September 2009

Brage strikes a particularly handsome pose

Brage is now a popular name because each time he reacts to it he gets a treat. The treat doesn`t have to be at all interesting; a pellet of dog-food will do because this is a particularly greedy curly piglet!

Brage (Jack) was found on the streets last christmas and has had abit of a tough one as regards the fostering process. Being the opinionated man that he is, he ran a few rings around his first fostermums until they decided they couldn`t handle him. After that golden-solid Catherine took him in and gave him the stability he needed until he travelled. We really did hope that his home would last and I was so clear about the fact that he would be a challenging project as regards other dogs. This time there will be no mercy. Only people with an extraordinary interest in canine characters may apply ;)

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