Monday, 7 September 2009

Lars and Bill : baby-shots

Lars and Bill when they came to us in March. They were dumped at night outside the university clinic. The clinic kept them for a week but noone took them and the clinic said they would take them to Illatos so we collected them. I remember going in to collect them, Lars was screaming so loud I thought he would deafen me. He also scratched me up so bad I had to go for a tetanus shot and because they weren`t rabies vaccinated I had to sign a form at the clinic. They ate like they had never seen food before. Both podgy fat-boys went into fostering with an e x t r e m e l y patient fostermum (they were like wild bear-cubs) who miraculously managed to tame the little terrors ;)

Over the summer they have been livening up the kennels we use near Vàc with Lars being of the particularly "vocal" sort. Lars is the clingy, highly strung type with a profound need for love and cuddles. Bill is somewhat more "wordly". He takes things in his stride and leaves the worrying up to his bigger brother ;)

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