Sunday, 13 September 2009

Truls!! Don`t bite the hand that feeds you!

Trying to do 10 things at once has it downfalls and ended with not a thorn in my side but a dog in my thigh.

Caroline and I have adopted sunday as "efficiency day" due to little traffic in the streets so it`s an excellent time for running around like headless chickens. We arranged to meet Truls, Viktor and Kasper (and their fostermums ;) at the uni gates to take the dogs for bloodtests. Viktor and Truls needed a new bloodtest to differentiate the type of microfilaria they have and Viktor also needed an ultrasound due to his disastorous liver-values.

While Caroline stayed with Viktor (the dog) and Viktor (the vet) and the ultrasound machine I rushed back with Truls and Kasper. They strolled peacefully side by side but when fostermums aproached Truls decided Kasper wasn`t such a cool dude after all and lunged for him latching himself onto my strategically placed thigh in their midst. I though nothing of it until I saw the hole in my trousers. So now that Truls and I have exchanged fluids I must trot along to the doctor tomorrow for all the necessary vaccines etc. bla bla bla. It`s my third time... I`m becoming a pro at this! Dogs seem to have enjoy taking a chunk out of me! (Haven`t had rabies vaccines yet though. Don`t want them either unless absolutely necessary)

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