Thursday, 17 September 2009

Budadogs unravells new rare breeds: Hungarian hoolahoop and German falaffelbubble!

Markus and Lars flew today with Ina, the poor darling. With crates, passports and clean and shiny the boys headed north for their final destinations (Bodø and Haugesund). Upon arrival Ina went through customs to clear the dogs which is standard procedure with all travelling pets; showing their passports, microchips and charming little faces as we have all done a hundered times before with our dogs. However there was one sticky obstacle: mr. Border Control. Mr. Border Control was very caught up in his economic skills and he was was quite sure these dogs had to pay import tax. You see, they were quite obviously purebred dogs, and where was the contract of purchase? Ina explained that we are vet.students, we fly dogs all the time from Budapest-Oslo and Oslo-Budapest (in fact our dogs should have a "frequent flyer" discount) but mr B. Control was ademant. no contract of purchase - no passage without payment. (Is this blackmail?) His explanation was that for all he knew these dogs were purebreeds of great financial value and we were obliged to pay a 25% import tax of the dogs original value. But what happens if the dogs value is a negative one?

Upon explanation that these dogs were homeless, found by students on the streets of Budapest they asked for the proof of this. The proof is in the passport, but to mr B.Control the passport was of no validity due to its international nature (it was not a "norwegian passport" which I find to be quite racially discriminating).

When Ina told mr B.Control to take a look at the dogs and see for himself that these particularly handsome youngsters were quite obviously not purebred (Lars looks like a Red-Neck and Markus looks like something out of fraggle-rock) he claimed to have no knowledge or interest in breeds and thus her point was null and void. And additionally he still had that greatly relevant point about the nationality of their passports!!?

After realizing she was getting nowhere fast Ina agreed to pay 1000NOK per dog to get them through (25% of the minimum value). This is absolutely humbug but seeing as we have actually paid the money and I do realise it will never be returned to us I would at least like to announce our new incredible breeds of dog (apparantly): with Lars representing the fiesty yet charming, energetic and cuddly Hungarian Hoolahoop and Markus representing the exceptionally rare, sweet and soulful German falaffelbubble! (also known as "the Urinator").
This is what I officially name them and I demand it be written into their passports! (But they`re not Norwegian, so obviously not worth the paper they`re written on right?) Baaah... Humbug

And on a more serious note: We will accompany the dogs with a veterinary statement explaining their origin and economic value.

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