Tuesday, 22 September 2009

"Stormful" heights: A happy story

Storm was one of our first dogs over a year ago. He came to us via another organisation who had been contacted by his owner saying that if the dog was not collected he would be put to sleep.

Storm is a black lab/giant schnauzer mix and when we went to collect him we were
informed he had been tied on a chain his entire life and he had never been on a leash or a walk; he was 1.5 years old! He literally could not be restrained, his energy levels were unimaginable! I have held the end of many a leash, but never have I experienced such force! He was fat, understimulated and a hormonal atomic bomb!!

Storm lived up to his name. My mum even told me - "Don`t call him that, Anouska! It will be a self fulfilling profecy!"

Storm was at kennels after a failed attempt at fostering. And at kennels he stayed for months... and months... Thankfully the kennel owner is an experienced trainer so his manners did not go awry, but even at kennels he gave them a run for their money quite literally. Finally Storm was ready for travel but nowhere near ready for adoption!? He hadn`t even learned to walk on the leash! An aquaintance of mine Sunniva in Oslo agreed to foster him and also attend an obedience course. And being the charming fluff-ball he is he did not leave the fosterhome at all :)) Alot of hard work and perceverence has gone into moulding this unpolished diamond and I commend Sunniva for her work! Storm now goes by the name "Little Gorilla toe"because even at the age of 1.5 years his little feet were soft as puppy toes. No wonder - they had hardly been used!

I love the little Gorilla toe and he lives just down the road from us in Oslo:)As is evident from his photo`s it certainly is a dog`s life as far as he`s concerned! :)

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